Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mark Cubans Book... I read a lot...

I just recently read Mark Cubans winning at business book, and although short it had some good things in it. I read a lot, or at least try to. I typically am trying to read about 4 books at any given time. Some I start and don't finish, most I finish within a month or so, and every once in a while I read one in a few days. His was short enough and intersting enough that it only took a few days. One of the things I really liked was he stated how books have the answers people are looking for, but people choose not to read books and would rather just not find the answer. PROFOUND and so true. We do it all the time, we accept what is because that is the way it always is, instead of searching out why it is that way... I drive the boys at the shop crazy with my constant list of ideas. Some they like some they don't, and usually all these ideas are driven from some book I read.

Another thing he said was that it only takes one succesful idea in business to make it. Sure that is obvious, but you may have to fail at 101 before finding the right one. If you would have asked me about owning an auto repair shop 3 years ago I would have laughed, but I believe now it is one of the best things I have ever done to this date. I have been in software my whole life (and music), but maybe this is the out of the box experience I needed. You never know what that one idea is, only that you have to pursue them all (or most) to find it. I am glad I am on this idea... it feels good.

Books are great! If you look to read I highly recommend his book. You can't buy a print version of it, but you can download it on most of your tablet devices. Enjoy, and if  you happen to see me in the shop, tell me what you thought of it.