Monday, January 7, 2013

Business Web Design - Responsive!

I recently read this article about responsive web design ( and how it is becoming the norm. Luckily as a business owner I have a background in web development. In my previous life I worked 10+ years in software engineering and continue to still do this actively now (I even own my own web solutions company Software Status Solutions, but that is another blog). And I have to agree with this article 100%. Without making you read the article the idea behind responsive web design it creating one web site that will serve adjusted content to all different browser types: Your desktop browser, you Ipad browser all the way to you Iphone browser. In today's world everything is internet ready! I have had several customers mention that our previous website was not mobile friendly, and it isn't. But our latest website is! It will automatically scale per the device browser. And in the auto repair industry this is very important. I need for my customers to easily be able to find us and contact us.

My suggestion to any repair shop owner, or any business owner in the service industry would be when developing  your next web site make sure whichever company you decide to build your site can build you a responsive site. And also make sure they don't charge you triple for that feature, in today's world of web templates and open source frameworks it is too easy to build these things without adding a significant amount of added cost.

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